Date: 7th April 2014 at 11:58pm
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Manager Wayne Burnett and first team coach Darren Currie have both done the usual after match interviews following the two nil defeat to Wycombe Wanderers last Saturday.

Speaking to London24 following the game, Burnett had to admit he expected better from experienced defender Scott Doe who gave the referee little choice but to send him off during the first half, and the gaffer knows that did prove to be the turning point in the match.

In a bit of a scuffle where Steven Craig looked to have left his foot in during a challenge with goalkeeper Chris Lewington, Doe got involved and stupidly grabbed the opposition player round the neck and the referee had no choice given the laws of the game – however whilst Burnett couldn’t argue with that decision he was incensed with the referee deciding to give them a penalty in the opening minutes of the second half.

‘I am disappointed in Doey. I’ve told him that I am extremely disappointed. He tried to justify it but there’s no excuse, it was a sending off. I have no problems with the sending off. It changed the complexion of the game and it isn’t like him to get so enraged.’

At that stage Burnett doesn’t feel that we looked in any danger at all in the game and that we were playing well, stroking the ball round nicely and growing into the game well – ‘I didn’t think they could get near us at times.’

Obviously the referee had no choice in the sending off, but the gaffer was quick to say that he doesn’t feel Wycombe were entirely blameless in it either, providing his own reasoning for the uncharacteristic outburst from the defender.

‘I’m disappointed by the way Scott reacted. Was he headbutted? Yes, he was. He has got a bruise and a cut on the bridge of his nose. Chrissy Lewington has got a stud mark down the side of his neck from the challenge as well.’

As for the penalty award, he says the players have no idea why it was given and he was left as ‘shocked and baffled’ by it just like everyone else was and that decision really did swing the game in their favour.

However, Burnett did have positives. We saw the return of Matt Saunders and Ian Gayle finally got his first team debut and he says they were joking before the game about his much longer was he going to be on the bench before getting on the pitch, but thankfully when he did get on the pitch the gaffer thought he did alright given the circumstances of us being a man down.

As for Currie he admitted that he felt we took about 15 minutes to really settle into the match and it was a reasonably slow start from us, but we were pretty comfortable as the gaffer alluded to. Equally he thought we were growing into the game before the sending off incident changed things and he was confident until then that we’d go on and win the match.

The coach also had praise for debutant Gayle as he spoke to the official site saying he did very well and comes out as one of the big plusses from what was otherwise a disappointing 90 minutes for us.