Date: 18th September 2014 at 3:15pm
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A loss last weekend to Cambridge and a loss midweek to Portsmouth wasn’t exactly how manager Wayne Burnett wanted to follow the Northampton defeat but unfortunately for Dagenham that’s exactly what happened.

Speaking after the three two defeat to Cambridge, Burnett told the Official Site that there was plenty he was pleased about in our performance, but again consistency and defensive solidarity proved to be our undoing on the day.

‘We played well in the first half and went a goal ahead, but we came out in the second half and looked like a different team. The game is over 90 minutes, not 45 minutes and we said to them Cambridge would come and press us in the second half and they did.’

Burnett goes on to say that the goals we conceded were all individual errors ‘and three appalling goals’ and for him you just can’t give goals like that away at home especially.

‘We’ve got to make this a place where teams don’t want to come and in the first half it was the sort of performance that would do that.’

With Portsmouth next up, Dagenham again went down to a three nil defeat and this time not only was it the defensive side of our game that took the manager’s eye, it was the fact he felt we failed to create anything of note and certainly didn’t help ourselves when Andre Boucaud picked up a red card for two bookable offences.

‘The sending off definitely changed the game and I thought we played well in the first half and dominated the game. They had one opportunity that they scored and up the other end we saw a good effort saved. We were in control, we didn’t create too many chances, but we weren’t in any danger.’

With Dagenham having decent possession on the day, for the manager it was simply a case of we didn’t do enough with it or make it count.

‘We need to convert those periods into goal scoring opportunities. As the game went on I thought we were growing into it and it was only a matter of time before we scored, but we were then down to ten men.’

Burnett ends by saying that ultimately we ended up chasing the game, and three nil looks like we were battered but that certainly wasn’t the story of the game for him.